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What Are The Benefits?


When a Woman is walking in her Purpose she is not only Happy and Joyful but also living a fulfilled life. Fulfillment is not an emotion it is a spiritual state however lack of fulfillment is the emotions of unhappiness. Purpose brings happiness and happiness brings a balance to your purpose. Destiny Walkers Network will help you walk in your destiny so you are living your best happy and fulfilled life.

Purpose-Driven Confidence

DWN will guide every woman with the self-assurance to arise like Beauty from Ashes. As you enhance your Purpose-Driven Confidence it will enable you to become a better wife, mother, sister, co-worker, entrepreneur, friend, and even a valuable contribution to her community. We will give you the principles that replace habits so you become the principled person which leads to a Confident process oriented woman.

Clarity with a Peace of Mind

Having Clarity on your Purpose for Your Destiny is a Peace of Mind Indeed. DWN emphasis is to help every women that joins our network gain the unique clarity for her life. No longer will she be in discovery stages exhausting her time and energy only to feel overwhelmed and clueless as what it is she was purposed to do or be in her life. We want every women to have Clarity with Peace of Mind so she can rest peacefully and have a healthy balanced life

Why Work With Destiny Walkers Network

For too long women have been walking around living unfulfilled lives. A woman who is unfulfilled has failed to walk in the calling the Heavenly Father has given her. Purpose is the reason we exist therefore, a woman who walks in purpose is living by the spiritual principles and not her emotions. I was once too that woman living my life unfulfilled and lacking the principles needed to develop my passions, gifts, calling and purpose. Before the end of my Child Care Business I would often find myself coaching some of the mothers from time to time. In 2011 the business closed and I was left with a inner void of emptiness. I’d smile on portraying happiness when in fact on the inside I was unhappy, depressed, and even felt helpless. At that point I was in a six year discovery stage for my true purpose still feeling deeply sad, left out, and helpless. It seemed everyone but me was doing great in their careers, businesses, and purpose. One day A ” FLASH OF INSPIRAION” came to me as I was lying across the bed crying and depressed. I heard the Heavenly Father wisper Jerimiah 29:11 and as I read that verse it lead me to Phillipians 1:6 ” Having being confident of this very thing, that He who did begin in you a good work will carry it on to completion till the day of Christ”. And that was the day I knew within me there was greater waiting to be released into the world so that I could help other women unfold their purpose too.

“Caris has been an inspiration to me and have inspired me to do things that I was fearful of do. Since consulting, and working with you I have moved into areas of my life I never thought would come and I have learned new things. Caris is a woman of meekness, gentle, patient, and genuinely sent by the Heavenly Father. I love and thank you for everything we will always be past client and consultant relationship but a lasting relationship “

How Does It Work?

We would like to say everyone is a fit but we do not live in a perfect world therefore we offer a 20-minute Intro phone call just to see if our principles is a match for who you are and vise versa. If so we move on to process path steps that fits your destiny journey.

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About Caris

Caris L. Reed holds Certification in Life Coaching and Consultation, Associate of Applied Science in Child Development, Bachelor of Science in Human and Family Services and Currently pursuing Master of Science in Psychology with Emphasis in Life Coaching. She is a Destiny Consultant and CEO of Destiny Walkers Network a network that specializes in helping powerful women unfold passions and gifts so they can walk in their purpose. As the Destiny Consultant she help women fulfill their PURPOSE. Caris L. Reed is Inspirational Empowerment Speaker delivering presentations on Empowering Principles that Unfolds Dreams Empowerment Based talks. These talks bring real life change to her audiences’ life. She often refers her talks and program to the METAMORPHOSIS OF DESTINY by way change of mindset to thought process, shifting from negative to positive behaviors, and finally from passion to purpose in order to live a fulfilled and happy life.

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