About Caris L. Reed

Caris L. Reed holds Certification in Life Coaching and Consultation, Associate of Applied Science in Child Development, Bachelor of Science in Human and Family Services and Currently pursuing Master of Science in Psychology with Emphasis in Life Coaching. She is a Destiny Consultant and CEO of Destiny Walkers Network a network that specializes in helping powerful women unfold passions and gifts so they can walk in their purpose. As the Destiny Consultant she help women fulfill their PURPOSE. Caris L. Reed is Inspirational Empowerment Speaker delivering presentations on Empowering Principles that Unfolds Dreams Empowerment Based talks.

These talks bring real life change to her audiences’ life. She often refers her talks and program to the METAMORPHOSIS OF DESTINY by way change of mindset to thought process, shifting from negative to positive behaviors, and finally from passion to purpose in order to live a fulfilled and happy life.

5 Steps to Descovering Your Purpose

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